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If you believe that POP Sleep didn't work, feel free to return it, and we'll give you a refund of 110%, no questions asked. If you believe you received a defective product, we'll send you a replacement immediately.

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As a busy mom with an 8 month old baby, falling asleep fast is crucial. POP Sleep allowed me to maximize use of limited sleep time, making me feel energized and productive the next day.

– Megan, Pittsburgh PA

Working long hours at a stressful job with a busy family means my designated sleep time is limited... After trying POP Sleep strips, I went from 4 or 5 hours of sleep on a good night to getting a full night’s rest.

– Hamilton, Anchorage AK

Pop Supplements
POP Sleep changed my life radically. My wife routinely breastfeeds our newborn at night. With this product I'm able to sleep the entire night for my day job as a real estate agent. I got my life back!

– Douglas, Greensburg, IN

1 life fully lived


There is nothing correctional about the correctional system. I met many inspirational people who may have made poor choices but also had to fight a skewed justice system. Unfortunately, skills that inmates learn to stay alive and be successful in prison walls only make them more likely to reoffend on the outside. This cycle of bouncing inside and outside prison is colloquially known as "serving a life sentence on an installment plan". A portion of the net profits of POP Supplements go to 1 Life Fully Lived to change that.

Our goal in 2021 is to help at least one former inmate live an abundant life.

POP Supplements is committed to fighting the prison-industrial complex.

1 Life Fully Lived


During medical training, I worked nights for extra money as a physician in the correctional system. Because I was working a normal job during the day, I needed something to get me to sleep in between calls, and fast.

The environment didn't help either. The call room was filthy and I slept on a wafer-thin mattress with sheets all sorts of colors.

After practicing certain habits and techniques, I was able to work the next day. One major component was how I took sleep aids. Using what I originally took as inspiration, I decided to make POP sleep, an even better product to share with the world.

Even more than sharing a sleep aid, I want to share my mission to improve the lives of those incarcerated and rehabilitate people affected by the prison industrial complex.

Matthew Hermann, MD

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We obsess about diet and exercise but sleep is always left out. From preventing dementia, helping chronic pain, and improving relationships, sleep plays a vital role.

POP Sleep is different than many other sleep aids. It's route of administration is similar to nitroglycerin--sublingual. It bypasses your liver, avoiding product breakdown.
I just want you to get the same restful sleep I do.

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