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A slocking to remember.

A slocking to remember.

I had recently started in the prison, fielding complaints from chest pain to common colds. The job was a way I was able to pay down some of my student debt (before I started I was paying $500 a month and my debt increased 20% in 3 years, hence the urgency).

I never expected my first month to have a guy come in unconscious from a slocking. After the incident, I saw on the security footage that a guy was just walking through the quad when he was hit one time with a lock in a sock. He was knocked out cold.

He was losing his ability to maintain his airway and breathe. I had no idea what injuries lied underneath. With an ET tube on his chest and being prepared to do something, I didn't just fight or flee, I froze for an instant. I realized then that I was scared to death and had no clue how to handle myself.
In doing so, I finally realized the only way to get through this was to take insane and massive action. I called a nearby trauma hospital, gave the situation, delegated to the paramedics to watch his vitals, checked his c-spine before putting on a collar, commanded that another EMT get access, and made every decision to ensure success.

I truly think most people live quiet lives of desperation. They work at a job they hate to make too pay for stuff they don't need to impress people they don't like to attempt to meet intangible needs.

Sometimes sleeping better comes from taking massive action in your life to live a life you truly want to live.

If you feel this way, consider watching this video by Ed Mylett who eloquently describes the way I felt in prison.

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