Pop Sleep Supplement

Don't eat shit before going to bed.

Eating before bed promotes reflux, weight-gain, and poor sleep.

If you really want to screw your health some cruise-lines offer midnight buffets.

Unless you have a health condition such as type I diabetes, eating before bed can be detrimental for your sleep. While one study shoes that a very small 150 calorie meal may be helpful for muscle protein synthesis, most effects of eating the most before bed are negative.

Eating before bed can elicit poor sleep as you are refluxing and digesting a meal while trying to lay flat. This, in turn, causes poor sleep. Poor sleep causes overeating, which in turn can cause late night eating. Late night eating can cause over-eating, leading to weight-gain.

See the pattern here? Usually, it is best to stop eating 2-3 hours before sleep to let all the food pass your stomach.

In line with other healthy habits elucidated, consider preparing the night before and having a gameplan for an amazing breakfast. Most research focuses on whether skipping or eating breakfast is healthy, but what is most important is having a quality breakfast. In fact, skipping breakfast has been shown to increase fat tissue in adolescents, thus if you have children it may be best to set an example.

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