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How to sleep in loud environments.

How to sleep in loud environments.

I'm currently trying to flip the home I work in. What is making it difficult is that usually I work until 3 a.m. so at 7 a.m. I'm having construction crews outside working on the deck and landscaping. There truly was no way around it and it needed to be done.

What are some tips where you are sleeping in a loud and distracting environment? How can you do it if you are a light sleeper?

1. Earplugs- This has gotten me through the past three days. I don't recommend earplugs every night because you can get cerumen (ear wax) impaction. However, this can be helpful to stave off lower intermittent noise.

2. White noise generator- I would recommend a fan if you don't want to use an app. This is especially helpful for low-levels of background noise.

3. Behavioral modification- Keep going to your happy place. Focus on something positive in your life. Have reasonable expectations that you aren't going to get the best night of sleep. I remember working in the prison I had to constantly remind myself to embrace a worse day ahead. It worked better than trying to fight the irrational. 

4. If you have loud neighbors, talk to them- When I was in California my downstairs neighbor had no clue her bassy music had more effect on surrounding apartments due to conduction. Approaching from a positive tone rather than an accusatory tone did wonders. We actually even became friends later.

5. Soundproof  your room- If you are in a hotel, put blankets under the doorframe. Buy a bedframe for your bed to keep sound conduction from the floor reaching your ears.

6. If you work during the night, lightproof your room- I can't tell you how many people come to me saying they can't sleep when they didn't lightproof their room.

Buy blackout curtains. When I didn't have much money I bought one roll of store-brand aluminum foil and tape and it worked just as well.

If you have any other ideas, feel free to message us at productrelations@popsupplements.com