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My worst nights of sleep.

No, it wasn't in prison. 

It was in medical school.

It was mostly the pressure to do well and poor perspective that caused me many sleepless nights. Not to mention the fact I was taking on mountains of debt at a 7% interest rate to do it.

Everyone who can't sleep due to stress has their reason. Maybe it's that their spouse has cancer or they are trying to make ends meet on $1500 a month. Likely, it's probably more serious than trying to make great grades.

Looking back, I wish I had set up a better routine. Mine at 22 was eating pizza, watching Seinfeld, and immediately going to bed. Electronics were right next to my face all the time and I never took the time to value reading, exercise, or stretching.

It's ironic but I think in going into a profession to help people my formative years in medical school taught me to focus so much on myself. Had I spent more time not thinking about my wellbeing so much and focusing on others I think I would have been able to live and sleep much easier.

If you're struggling now with early onset insomnia, I would try to start with an about-face in your sleep routine.

No electronics.
Eat early.
Try meditation. I understand if you think it’s a crock of shit.

I would bet that if you did these three techniques for a week you would at least get some peace before bed.

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