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Random prison story I had to share.

I'll share one story.
Whether or not it was medically related, all patients who were put under restraints at the prison had to be visually evaluated by a physician, admitted tot he hospital, and had to have the order renewed every 2 hours. The patient had to be admitted, even for non-medical reasons, and we had to verbally comply with the requests. 

There were two types of restraint-- behavioral and medical.
This was an example of a behavioral restraint (true stories):
One guy killed an 8-year-old kid during a grand theft auto (pushing the dead kid to the curb while driving off) and the day he was sentenced to life in prison without parole he assaulted 3 officers and was restrained. I had to examine him with an electrified riot shield over his body because he would spit and bite.
Here is an example of a medical restraint:
A 60-year-old man who molested his 9-year-old daughter prostituted her out to himself and friends and was sent to prison. He had been in prison for decades and wanted to die but wanted others to do it for him. So, in chow hall, even with other inmates yelling at him to shut the fuck up, he openly told his crimes. He was soon assaulted with multicompartmental brain hemorrhage and was essentially a vegetable. He was restrained to keep him from pulling out his Foley catheter.

All patients were kept under 2 hour checks, regardless of whether we had jurisdiction to change their status or not.

This is unlike any other system in the country (most hospitals have restraints only for medical reasons and are checked by nurses frequently with orders renewing every 24 hours). Why? Because on a hot day a patient with Schizophrenia was restrained to protect himself. He was kept in his cell and screamed for hours that he needed water. Nobody listened to him and he soon dehydrated and died.

I share this story to emphasize that medical care in the prison system is just as restrictive as the institution itself. Being under the ward of the state can be dangerous. I'll be happy to share other stories in the future.

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