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Sentencing disparity

I wondered why similar convictions got widely different sentences.

When I would see various inmates in the prison system, I always found it interesting to see how the same crime reported could get one man 2 years and another man 10 years. Little did I know that this actually has a term.

Sentencing disparity is a real phenomenon where after multiple factors are controlled there are disparities, particularly with race and gender with men and minorities receiving longer sentences. Consider reading this University of Michigan study where they compared the length of sentences between black and white inmates.

While sentencing disparity exists and there are many articles on this, consider the feelings of resentment you would feel having to spend years in a 1 or 2 mile square radius relative to someone else. Consider how being that much longer in a toxic environment does to people and their mindset when they leave prison.

With the US incarcerating more people per capita than any other country, I think that decreasing sentencing disparity could knock off thousands of years and billions of dollars spent holding people behind bars.