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The true cost of keeping people behind bars.

It's expensive to be in the "correctional" system.

Consider this article by Vera which shows the price for each inmate in 2015 for state inmates. 

  • Most of the spending for prisons were for staff, which is thought to be the primary driver for prison spending.
  • Only 11% of prison spending went to prison healthcare. 
  • As a state resident, you spend an average of $137 a year to keep people in prison (which can vary from $51 to $429).
While these are sobering statistics for what we pay in taxes to fund the prison-industrial complex. However, consider how California's annual $8 billion prison budget could be augmented to help inmates. That would be truly "correctional." 

Research from Christopher Zoukis in College for Convicts: The Case for Higher Education in American Prisons, he shows that over 70% of prisoners are nonviolent offenders. I just bought the book and will probably follow up with a review later.

I had a previous article on the recidivism rate and how people serve life sentences on installment plans.

Consider Zoukis' research on education:
Ex-offenders who complete some high school have a recividism rate of 55%.
Vocational training→30%
Associate's degree→13.7%
Bachelor's degree→5.6%
Master's degree→0%

Our mission is to aggressively improve the live of those incarcerated to benefit not only themselves but society.

Think it's a lost cause? Watch me.