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When the healthcare system fails you.

When the healthcare system fails you.

When your diabetic and your blood sugar levels aren't controlled well, your feet eventually lose their blood supply. Blood supply is not only important for the muscles to move but also to fight infection.

I remember when I saw a guy who came in to the prison ER with a burst left foot abscess. Unfortunately, his wound care notes for the past 6 months were "dry, clean, left foot." I found it interesting that his abscess was so large and there were multiple ulcers in his foot that were incongruent with the wound care notes.

To get the appropriate imaging he needed I had to fill out a "403 form" so he could get an MRI. I remember filling it out and he was telling me that he knew his foot was going to be amputated because it takes weeks for that form to get approved. In a system that fakes it's wound care notes, I can see why he felt that way.

I was frequently acquainted with these stories of people who knew that their health was a lost cause. Because cost was the number one concern, downstream effects like the cost to maintain someone without a foot were ignored. Many of these people, being incarcerated, really had no choice but to accept and submit.

Besides costing society billions, the prison-industrial complex also takes away choices to many individuals who may have only committed nonviolent crime.

The goal is not to necessarily incite anger. Rather, I would implore you to consider that in addition to increasing the number of people outside the prison system, we may also increase their access to good healthcare.