Pop Sleep Supplement

Why I want to help nonviolent drug offenders.

I'm glad you asked.

It's divisive, I'm open to hate mail, and I don't care.

I slept 100 nights in prison between March of 2017 and March of 2018, all while working as a resident during the day. I fell in love with the job and the people, staying up talking to the guards about the prison-industrial complex, and learning more from inmates at night than I did from my attendings during the day.

I'll give one example of why I chose to donate proceeds to helping people get out of prison.

My residency was malignant. The former chair of Interventional Radiology was placed on paid leave for 12 months with almost 80 complaints of sexual harassment against  him until he was let go. I was assaulted in the workplace.  Nobody cared about your well-being.

With that being said, I found some strange peace working in a multilevel security prison hospital.

One night I got a call that woke me up of a 20s something male who came for a cold. He seemed pretty uncomfortable. While I didn't perform any magic, some Tylenol and fluids seemed to give him the relief he needed.

He was grateful and was the exact opposite of many patients I saw at during the day. I remember noticing the track marks on his arms from prior abscesses. Without this prison uniform it would appear two colleagues were catching up at 2 a.m.

I think it was the sleep deprivation but my frontal lobe shut down and I just said, "Why the hell are you here?"

Small pause.

After that he melted and said, "I have a drug addiction." No violence committed and no harm to others. He had been put in prison for years just for getting caught using heroin. As a felon, the correctional system ruined him for any semblance of a future.

Most people like this gentleman were using heroin to medicate for serious childhood trauma. I would just keep this in mind as our treatment algorithm for these people should be help not bars and cuffs.

Needless to say, he went back to his block and I went to bed. The next day I went back to Michigan only to be constantly yelled at all day by a urologist-turned-radiologist as I had been for months. It was funny the incarcerated person was more of a gentleman.

These stories are a dime a dozen and I would be happy to share more.