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Why negativity bias may be sucking out your sleep.

Reflect on the great moments of your day.

There are many studies online if you search "negativity bias."

In short--you will remember a negative event or action stronger than a positive one. You have to combat this everyday by going out of your way to remember the positive events.

You may see this as having no relationship to your sleep, but usually when we sleep we think of the most important moments of our day and, as stated, we tend to remember the most negative events. 

Honestly, Wikipedia won it this time for summarizing why:

  • Negative potency- The gradient and potency of negative events is larger than positive ones.
  • Negativity dominance- The whole, is more negative than the sum of its parts.
  • Negativity differentiation- Negativity is more elaborate or complex than positivity.

Simply or saying the three positive events of the day can create a huge milestone in your sleep. You may not feel the need to do this daily, but whenever I have a bad day I always try to remember the positives.


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