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About Us

Meet Matthew Hermann, M.D.

Whatever it takes. This phrase effectively summarizes Dr. Matthew Hermann’s never-give-up, persevere-till-the-end mindset. He grew up in scenic Roanoke, Virginia, nestled between the Blue Ridge Mountains. He has a twin brother and a sister, all of whom grew up to be physicians.

Matthew’s healthcare path began at the Medical College of Virginia. From there, he completed his training at the University of Michigan and Stanford University, with specialties in radiology and pain medicine.

Meet Lauren Hermann, M.S. CCC-SLP

Matthew couldn’t have found a better life partner and business co-founder than Lauren. She was born and raised in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, just a couple hours from Roanoke. As a speech-language pathologist, she’s the author of a book titled But My Speech Is Fine! True Stories of a Misunderstood Profession.

Their first date was at CiCi’s Pizza during a pizza-eating contest. “I won because my wife talked too much,” says Matthew with a laugh. “Both of us try to push each other to reach our limits in being successful.”

One example is their cross-country bike trip in 2019. Matthew and Lauren accomplished the three-month journey together. Lauren organized the route and drove the support SUV while Matthew cycled through the Cascades in Washington, Glacier National Park, the badlands of North Dakota, and part of the Appalachian Trail. The adventure served as a catalyst for shaping their lives around personal empowerment, doing the unexpected, and serving others.

The Quest for Slumber

During his advanced medical training, Matthew augmented his day-job income by working nights as a physician in the correctional system. This grueling schedule made him realize his desperate need to sleep — and fall asleep quickly — between jobs.

While he was experimenting with sleep aids, Matthew found many products that were problematic for various reasons. Gritty texture. Weird flavor. Takes forever to work. Leaves you groggy when you wake up. And so he set out to create something better.

Way better. Originally, Matthew planned to develop a product similar to what he used while working at the prison. He then came across a more effective option containing less of the active ingredient, melatonin — a hormone found to be a safe, effective short-term sleep aid. And so, Matthew went against the grain of most big pharmaceutical and supplement companies who have adopted the “more is better” mindset of 5 or 10 milligrams of melatonin in a single dose.

POP Sleep Strips contain melatonin in a precision dose of 1.5 mg, an amount that actually works better and prevents morning grogginess. He added Vitamin B6, known for boosting the immune system, brain function, and mood. Then he put it all together in a thin strip that dissolves on your tongue for faster results, while tasting fresh and minty. Voilà, POP Sleep Strips were born!

The Hermanns created an overarching brand, POP Supplements, to leave room for expansion into other health products. In fact, this dynamic duo has a deep desire to serve the community beyond being frontline workers in their respective healthcare professions. Their vision is this:

To be a REBEL for superior health options with a CAUSE for personal empowerment.

There’s No Better Time to Sleep Better

The Hermanns are on the scene at the right time with a business that can help millions of people. Consider the following facts:

Sweet Dreams for You, Life Dreams for Others

While Matthew and Lauren began building POP Supplements, they explored how the business could play a role in empowering the most people possible — even beyond their customers. Matthew worked with an organization called 1Life Fully Lived, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that focuses on helping people develop roadmaps to success. The Hermanns admired the work this organization was doing and decided to bring 1Life in on POP Sleep Strips’ success.

1Life Fully Lived casts a wide net of hope. It comes alongside former and current prison inmates; people who are experiencing homelessness, poverty, oppression, violence, and addiction; and youth who are at-risk or aging out of foster care. The organization offers tools and training in the core areas of vision, finances, relationships, and wellness with the goal of empowering participants to dream, plan, and live their best lives.

Jump In and Be Part of Our Story!

When you purchase POP Sleep Strips, we’ll make a donation to 1Life Fully Lived. You’ll be part of the solution by giving marginalized individuals a chance to fulfill their hopes for a better future.

With a goal like that, we can all sleep better.