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Hamilton, Anchorage, AK

Working long hours at a stressful job with a busy family means my designated sleep time is limited, and I always lay down at the end of the day with a lot on my mind. After trying Pop Sleep strips, I went from 4 or 5 hours of sleep on a good night to getting a full night’s rest, which made a huge difference in how I performed at work and felt at home. If you have trouble falling to sleep, and you often wake up feeling more tired than when you crawled into bed, you’ve got to try Dr. Hermann’s Pop Sleep Melatonin strips— I’m so glad I did!

Megan, Pittsburgh, PA

As a busy mom with an 8-month-old baby, falling asleep fast is crucial. Pop Sleep Melatonin strips allowed me to maximize use of limited sleep time, making me feel energized and productive the next day.

Douglas, Greensburg, IN

Pop Sleep changed my life radically. My wife routinely breastfeeds our newborn at night. With this product I'm able to sleep the entire night for my day job as a real estate agent. I got my life back!

Lauren, Lewisburg, PA

Let's get real. We all get terrible sleep. Pop Sleep kicked bad sleep's ass. I want more!

Dan, Wausau, WI

Pop Sleep surprised me. As a physician, Pop Sleep helped me get to sleep after nights of call.

Matt, Novi, MI

THIS WORKS. Pop Sleep strips with Matthew's tips helped me get the sleep I wanted.

Amanda, Redwood City, CA


Mark, La Jolla, CA

I've tried different forms of melatonin, but I'm planning to be a regular customer

Amy, Ypsilanti, MI

It's not just the product that I'm on fire about, it's the mission

Mike, Mikwaukee, WI

Being a doctor on call requires frequent switching between nights and days. Pop Sleep got me to fall asleep and stay asleep without keeping me drowsy when I woke up. I even use it to reset my sleep schedule when I return to my normal routine!

Grace, Chicago, IL

I would recommend this product to anyone. Having a long history of sleeplessness, I have gone through many sleep-aid products. Most would help me fall asleep and stay asleep the first night; however, their effectiveness quickly wore off subsequent nights. When I tried Pop Sleep, my sleeplessness was so bad I would dread going to sleep, knowing a night of tossing and turning would ensue. However, Pop Sleep did just as the name promised! It knocked me out before I even had time to realize what just hit me. Not only did it help me fall asleep, it helped me stay asleep. Beyond that, it doesn't leave you feeling groggy the next day. Thank you, Pop Supplements, for helping me look forward to bedtime again!