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Are You an Overworked

Are you a student that is constantly on the go? Projects, classes, homework, late study nights and the pressure to keep a work/life balance can leave you feeling overwrought and out of time for sleep. POP Supplements can help you get the rest you so desperately need. A quick solution that dissolves on your tongue, it will give you a good night's sleep that will leave you feeling well rested and ready to take on the day!

For the cause: A portion of the profits from POP Sleep strips go to help the people Matthew saw while he worked as a physician in the correctional system. We are committed to fighting the prison industrial complex.

The Sleep Solution

What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone found naturally in the body. Most commonly found in pill and other digestable forms, it is used to adjust sleep schedule, help with jet lag, insomnia, and more! Its job is to regulate the sleep-wake cycle. If you feel overworked, POP will help you get the night's sleep you deserve.

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Your Future Sleep Aid



Fast Acting

  Standard sleep aids have to travel down your esophagus, through your stomach, and into your intestines. POP Sleep strips bypasse this to be absorbed directly into the body.



Rapidly Disolves

By the time you taste the mint POP Sleep, your brain is already absorbing it.



Invest in Sleep

For less than a third of the cost of one energy drink, one strip of POP Sleep can give you restorative sleep.

POP Benefits

  • Healthier Than Caffeine
  • Fresh Mint Flavor
  • No Withdraw Symptoms
  • Less Fatigue
  • A Full Night's Rest
  • No Morning Headaches
  • Quick Absorption
  • A Full Productive Day
  • Non-habit Forming

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POP Sleep Supplement
POP Sleep Supplement
POP Sleep Supplement
POP Sleep Supplement
POP Sleep Supplement
POP Sleep Supplement
POP Sleep Supplement

POP Sleep Supplement


Drug-free, allergen and gluten-free sleep aid supplement in strip form for better solubility and rapid delivery of a 1.5 mg dose of melatonin. This exact dose is formulated to reduced drowsiness upon waking.

Dissolves quickly. All ingredients are non-habit forming and scientifically proven to be effective.

Dr. Matthew Hermann was inspired by what he used working nights as a doctor in a correctional system to get restful sleep and be a more productive and supportive medical professional. He improved on that product to create Pop Sleep to work faster than current sleep aids on the market.

Each package contains 24 strips, each strip contains 1.5 mg of melatonin.

Why only 1.5 mg?

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