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Better Health + Better Lives: Partnering with 1Life Fully Lived

The founder of POP Supplements, Dr. Matthew Hermann, is a physician who specializes in radiology and pain medicine. His wife, Lauren, is a speech-language pathologist. Together, they want to make a difference in the world — and not just in the world of health. This power duo’s desire is to empower people to live their best lives. But how could they leverage a health product to do that?

A cause worth supporting. Our company creates products like POP Sleep Strips to help people get a good night’s sleep in a quick, healthy way. Dr. Matthew was inspired to develop this science-driven product during his medical training when he worked as a physician at two jobs.

Our company also supports others through an association with 1Life Fully Lived, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides programs serving anyone emerging from hardships like homelessness, poverty, oppression, violence, and addiction, as well as youth who are at-risk or aging out of the foster care program.

1Life Fully Lived hosts virtual and in-person “ROADMAP” events. Here individuals are guided through transformative workshops in the areas of vision, finances, relationships, and wellness, often using interactive music and inspiring speakers. During the process, participants learn what they love to do, what they’re good at, and where there may be an opportunity to share their talents.

Impressive impact. Check out some of the positive results1Life Fully Lived has achieved:

10,000 — Individuals who have attended ROADMAP events
95% and up — Approval ratings in surveys collected from ROADMAP participants
40% — The average increase in action around participants’ vision for their lives, finances, relationships, or wellness before and after a ROADMAP event
100% — Percentage of ROADMAP participants who had plans in place for their lives, as reported by many participating groups

Help us help 1Life. When you buy POP Sleep Strips, our company makes a donation to 1Life Fully Lived. So you can enjoy a better night’s sleep — and make a fellow human’s life better, all with a click.